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Phone tracking tips

Phone tracking tips

How to Track or Locate a Phone

UonMap mobile phones and other devices to track a GPS and Wifi service is monitoring. Anywhere, any mobile device, GPS, Wifi situation (WFL), to research and A- GPS uses. Mobile phones and other devices (etc. Samsung, HTC,) UonMap, are running on Android, and GPS / GLONASS / Galileo personal and vehicle trackers is a software solution.
Our advantages: high accuracy, user-friendly interface, advanced technology WFL, smart battery-saving algorithm.
So you need UonMap?
Peace and security UonMap, relationships, and is perfect for those who appreciate the responsibility. UonMap you are able to:
- No time to know the location of your child;
- Your aging parents and other family members to help you quickly and easily;
- Vehicles, cargo, road, track employees;
- Stolen or lost phone.
A car or any other form of transportation, you and your family are always on the map, whether at work or at school, traveling for business or pleasure! A wide range of options UonMap. You will get what you want!
UonMap app works?
UonMap  target phone. Cell phone in your account at least should be constantly connected to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi to upload the new data. UonMap all data stored on the server and your account is available 24/7.
A hybrid positioning system UonMap. A mobile device GPS, A-GPS to find and use Wi-Fi. Via Wi-Fi location, our system is to enable:
- A city area (indoor positioning, etc.) to overcome the shortage of GPS.
- Because, the way of daily routes along with Wi-Fi access points are located next to the battery UonMap a mobile device to save the store
- Wi-Fi points and updated information about Wi-Fi performance maps.
AntiTheft free service!
We provide you with AntiTheft UonMap app is a free service. It lost or theft of your phone with this service is when you can find.
AntiTheft Works
AntiTheft one or two SOS phone number service providers. SMS to the target phone with all the necessary information will be sent to SOS number.
AntiTheft service enabling two ways:
1. SOS phone number for sending SMS commands;
2. Changing the SIM card means that you are notified immediately when someone tries to use your phone.
Starting AntiTheft
- A target mobile phone app installed UonMap. AntiTheft start at the end of the installation.
- One or two SOS phone number.
- After the first deposit in your account, AntiTheft will be activated immediately.
- In case of loss or theft, lost data and information will be sent to SOS, € € SMS command to start the SOS phone number of a number of ends. SOS call number will send it immediately could be considered as theft if, moreover, in a mobile phone SIM card and Change.
Send to close the axis, AntiTheft is disabled.
You can disable AntiTheft software:
€ 1 to send the missing / stolen phone to a loss of € SOS Stop SMS command;
Open the Settings app on the phone and disable it 2 ..

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